Convective clusters in the Adriatic and Ionian seas – October 7, 07:15 UTC

A line of convective storms has formed along a surface convergence in the central Adriatic sea in the SLGT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 7/10/2013. A further convective cluster has formed off the coast of SE Italy in the MDT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 7/10/2013. High low level lapse rates are present in both risk areas, expecting waterspouts. Extremely high PWAT values locally exceeding 45 mm are present in the MDT risk area so excessive convective precipitation is also expected.

Convective storms are ongoning also around Corsica in the center of the upper low. Expect occurence of waterspouts.

Satellite image, 06:00 UTC. Source: Eumetsat.