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Most noteworthy severe weather events in Europe: a review – July 2017

A number of noteworthy severe weather events happened across Europe in July. Severe hailstorms were frequent, particularly Read more

Spectacular mud flow captured in Pians, Tyrol, Austria – July 30, 2017

A spectacular, textbook mud flow was captured on cameras in Pians, Tyrol, W Austria yesterday afternoon, July 30. A mud Read more

Hail vs. airplanes – July 27, 2017 Istanbul, Turkey hailstorm

Reports of major damage to airplanes during the July 27 Istanbul, Turkey severe hailstorm have sparked some vivid discussions Read more

Severe hailstorm in Grottammare, Marche, central Italy – July 25, 2017

A major hailstorm with large hail and very significant hail accumulations hit Grottammare and its vicinity (Marche, N-CNTRL Read more

Intense severe thunderstorms over N Italy – July 24-25, 2017

A deep trough passed over the Alpine / northern Mediterranean region on July 24-25, causing widespread intense severe thunderstorms Read more