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Severe supercell thunderstorms across France and S-CNTRL UK – July 19, 2014

Strong supercell thunderstorms hit France and the UK yesterday afternoon and evening. High instability and a strongly sheared

Spectacular squall line over the English Channel and south UK – July 18, 2014

A strong squall line crossed through the MDT risk area yesterday evening, moving over north France, across the English Channel

North Adriatic lightning gallery – mid-July, 2014

Unstable conditions with frequent night time thunderstorms over the north Adriatic region in the last few days have drawn

Spectacular central-eastern Mediterranean waterspouts – mid-July, 2014

Parts of central and eastern Mediterranean, including the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean seas, have seen a number of waterspouts

Argalasti / Paltsi beach, Greece waterspouts – July 15, 2014

Greece saw some of the best waterspouts this season today. Several large waterspouts formed offshore Argalasti / Paltsi beach,