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Severe thunderstorms across the Alpine region, north Adriatic, north Balkans – June 24 & 25, 2017 [Part 1]

The Alpine region, northern Adriatic and northern Balkans were hit by a series of severe thunderstorms over the weekend. Read more

Severe thunderstorm outbreak in Germany – June 22, 2017

It was an exceptionally active day over Germany yesterday! Numerous severe thunderstorms hit much of the country, also moving Read more

Big heat wave for W-CNTRL and parts of SE Europe in the final part of June

An intense heat wave will hit W-CNTRL Europe, and parts of S-SE Europe. Very high temperatures already this past weekend Read more

Severe wildfires in Portugal claim over 60 lives – June 18, 2017

Intense wildfires have hit the region of Pedrógão Grande in central Portugal, as a severe heat wave affects the country. Read more

Week 45-46 (November 7-20, 2016) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 28 entries in Week 46-47 is: Stavros Kesedakis 1. place - WINNER: Stavros Kesedakis - 82 votes "Challenging Read more