Severe Weather Europe – Calendar 2019

+++ HIGH QUALITY CALENDARS FOR YEAR 2019 +++ +++ AVAILABLE NOW +++ Severe Weather Europe 2019 Calendar is here. For the first time, Severe Weathe Europe is featuring a selection of fine weather photographs. 12 fine art photographs by some of the best weather photographers in Europe. Calendar has 13 pages (front page + 12 months) Size: A3 = 42 cm x 30 cm / 16.5″ x 11.8″ Featured photographers: Antonio Di Caudo, Sid Smith, Jonas Piontek, Marko KoroŇ°ec, Boris Jordan, Maja Kraljik, Stavros Kesedakis, Sandro Puncet, Entoni Novosel and Rick Bekker. SOLD OUT Click on the images below to see the separate monthly pages details: SOLD OUT All prices are in European EUROs (EUR), US Dollars (USD) and Australian … Continue reading Severe Weather Europe – Calendar 2019